When Nefeli and George came to us, they wanted to create a song for their child's christening. So together, we started exploring the content and the style for this new musical creation. We ended up in a composition focused on baby Panos, using the stories of three very special persons: the mother, the father and the godfather. That way, we ended up with a song filled with magic places, little animals and music. Filled with the stories that make him smile every night before bedtime...

Ki olo chamogelas

Christina and Antonis approached us in order to create a unique song for their daughter, Iliana. Their love for children stories and fairy tales gave us the idea for this new composition. So we placed Iliana in a fairy world, where she meets her brother for the first time!

To paramithi tis Ilianas

When we create a song for a child, we try, with your guidance, to approach the style and aesthetics that respresent you. Through your most special moments and stories, we build a unique song, tailor-made for your family.

Use it as the reception's theme, or as a unique gift for your guests, or as the event's video soundtrack! Come to us to create a song to accompany your child for a lifetime!