Nicolas came to us bringing his own lyrics, regarding a very special moment of his life. Working closely together, we chose the style and orchestration that best fit his narration, creating a song that ideally highlighted his story.

Klidothikes ap ekso

The following song was not born from the need to tell a story, but from Kosta's desire to express a feeling to his beloved one. So, step by step, we ended up with a composition that gently describes the first time they met.

Oti zitousa

Every single story can be an inspiration for creating a unique song. Through your narration and with your help, we bring the emotions hidden in your story to the surface.

Whether you write your own lyrics, or you want to create a whole song from scratch, your input is the most important element in the creative process, since it is what defines the style and content of the path that converts a memory to a work of art.