Maria and Fotis met under unique circumstances, which inspired us to create a special song for their wedding. The song travels us to the first moments of their meeting, preserving the magic atmosphere.

Kato ap ta fota

Sophia and Constantinos share a very special "how-we-met" story, that years after, led them to the decision to unite their lives forever. To keep those precious moments alive, they decided to forever enclose them into a song. So, they came to us, in order to create a song that respresents both their story but also their aesthetics. A song that they chose to dance on the first moments of their common life...

Se ida

Listen the full track here.

Before we start composing a song for your wedding day, we want to know your unique story that led to this very special moment. That way, we are able to create a musical track based on your lives; a work of art to respresent your personalities.

Ideal for your first dance, your entrance to the reception or your wedding video; it's a song that encloses your most precious memories and dreams, a song that is made to last forever...